Power of Influence Randy Walker "Doing Great" Award

Award Recipients

2009 - Randy Kuceyeski, Libertyville H.S.
2010 - Gary Korhonen,  Richards H.S.
2011 - Frank Lenti, Mt. Carmel H.S.
2012 - Bruce Kay, Cary Grove H.S.
2013 - Chris Andriano, Montini Catholic H.S.
2014 - Bill Mack, Crystal Lake H.S.
2015 - Ken Leonard, Springfiend Sacred Heard Griffen H.S. 

“Coach George Smith is not only an influence on young people, but the influence is multiplied many times in the beliefs of the young people he helped mold into amazing human beings. George is an outstanding coach, but more importantly, he is an outstanding gentleman.” —Tina Jones, Principal of St. Thomas Aquinas High School