Plaza of Influence

The power of a coach's influence is immeasurable. Located at the national headquarters of the American Football Coaches Association, the Plaza of Influence is a special place where football coaches can be honored by those whose lives they have inspired. Coaches range from the obscure to the nationally known. The common bond is their profound influence on lives-touched and changed. Coaches who might never be in a coaches' Hall of Fame can be honored in the Plaza of Influence.

A Coach's Influence

by Grant Teaff

I dreamed a dream, but I had my doubts.
"You can do it," he said, "I'll teach you how."
I tried and tried, he said I should.
I gave it my best, he knew I would.
Lessons taught on the field of strife,
Have been invaluable, as I've faced life.
When challenges come my way,
I always think, what would he say?
His inspiring words I hear even now,
"You can do it. I taught you how."
Now, others dream, and have their doubts.
I say, "You can do it, I'll teach you how."
The influence continues.

- Tim Teykl
Terry High School (Texas) 

"Why did I decide to honor my high school coaches? The reasons are numerous, but mainly I did so because they had such an immense impact on my life -- so much so that I am now a 26-year coaching veteran. I knew at an early age, around junior high, that I wanted to be a coach. That decision was directly due to their efforts. Values they taught included hard work, grit and determination, mixed with effort and toughness. These values gave us all a chance on the field as well as in the game of life. Not many days pass by in my adult life when I don't depend upon the skills they taught me years ago.

When I first saw this venue of honoring coaches, I couldn't wait to get the ball rolling. Just think about it: a perpetual display in a first class setting of two of the most influential coaches in my life.

The grandest thing was when they learned of the honor. Man was that something! That was a day I know they'll never forget, nor will I."

- Amos Floyd
Fredricksburg ISD

"My Dad [Amos Floyd] will be 89 years old in September. He coached for 29 years with 23 of those at Fredericksburg ISD. He did indeed touch many lives! It was a Sunday afternoon when we visited. It was so very nice to have the courtyard available on the weekend! Thank you again. Your help, and the AFCA, made our visit a memory that will be cherished"

- Amy Feller
Bynum ISD (Texas) 

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“Coach George Smith is not only an influence on young people, but the influence is multiplied many times in the beliefs of the young people he helped mold into amazing human beings. George is an outstanding coach, but more importantly, he is an outstanding gentleman.” —Tina Jones, Principal of St. Thomas Aquinas High School