Plaza of Influence Honorees and Donors

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Honoree Donor Type Location
Bud Asher Ron Asher Tile Plaza
Forrest 'Frosty' Westering Pacific Lutheran U Captains 1972-2003 Bench Plaza
A.C. "Scrappy" Moore AFCA Brick Plaza
Dick Salter John Howing Brick
Pete Stoltenberg Ehrich Zollinger Brick Plaza
Ad Rutschman Mike Riley Brick Plaza
Charles McClendon AFCA Brick Plaza
Bruce Hardin Blair Hardin Brick Plaza
Gil Mendoza Mike Kildee Brick Plaza
Coaches of William B. Travis High School (TX) Rich Ponce Capstone Plaza
Ken Sparks Marty Blakely Capstone Plaza
Wally Freytag Lee and Connie Bridges Tile Plaza
Bob Ford Pete Lembo Brick Plaza
Jeff Bates Josh Elliott Brick
Dick Mannini Terry Cottle Brick
Ralph Villanueve Terry Cottle Brick
Phil Lite Jacob Hewitt Brick

“Coach George Smith is not only an influence on young people, but the influence is multiplied many times in the beliefs of the young people he helped mold into amazing human beings. George is an outstanding coach, but more importantly, he is an outstanding gentleman.” —Tina Jones, Principal of St. Thomas Aquinas High School