Plaza of Influence Honorees and Donors

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(151 - 180 of 646)

Honoree Donor Type Location
Tommy Prothro Dick Vermeil Bench Plaza
George Allen Dick Vermeil Bench Plaza
Harry Shay Jude Kelly Capstone Plaza
Grant Teaff American Bank & Trust Co. (6834) Capstone Plaza
Tom Daniel Bill Womack Capstone Plaza
Grant Teaff AFCA Staff - 2001 (8112) Bench Plaza
Ernie Davis Cindy Hardin Capstone Plaza
Don Drinkhahn Senior Team 2003 South Dade HS (8154) Capstone Plaza
Grant Teaff Teaff Family Capstone Plaza
U of Delaware Football Family (6763) Tubby Raymond Capstone Plaza
Merle "Skip" Hall Virginia Hall Capstone Plaza
Grant Teaff Hayden Fry Capstone Plaza
Ron Harms Bill Schade Brick Plaza
Ron Harms Tom Mueller Brick Plaza
Kevin Ozee Kevin Ozee Brick Plaza
Steve Davis Brenda Davis Brick Plaza
C.A. Frye Roger Hinshaw Brick Plaza
Assistant Coaches of Hayden Fry (7838) Hayden Fry Capstone Plaza
Bo Schembechler AFCA (5104) Brick Plaza
Bill Manlove Daniel & Susan Collins Brick Plaza
Tom Dowling Mike Ayers Capstone Plaza
Dan Rocco Scott Wachenheim Brick Plaza
Dave Bassore Joe Glenn Brick Plaza
Eddie Robinson AFCA (5104) Brick Plaza
Randy Walker AFCWA (1475) Brick Plaza
Grant Teaff AFCWA (1475) Brick Plaza
Donald Kelly Jerry Tolley Brick Plaza
Rocky Hager John Flannery Brick Plaza
George Grace North Wyoming Insurance Inc (7806) Brick Plaza
George Grace Rich Lawrence Brick Plaza

“Coach George Smith is not only an influence on young people, but the influence is multiplied many times in the beliefs of the young people he helped mold into amazing human beings. George is an outstanding coach, but more importantly, he is an outstanding gentleman.” —Tina Jones, Principal of St. Thomas Aquinas High School